Before I met Gay I was in constant internal turmoil. Because I did not know how to change my internal state, I began having physical ailments no one could cure. Then I met Gay, Adrianna & Andua and everything shifted. I immediately & inherently recognized the reality of Truth & Love they lived in. Through understandings I began to see & choose what was real for myself. This eliminated my internal turmoil, thus ending the physical ailments no one could cure. Choose the Heart, Gay, Adrianna & Andua are the best, most important forms you could ever give your mind, body & spirit.

-CTH Student

Choose The Heart Sebastopol

Although my spiritual journey began in the mid-80's, nothing has been as powerful and life changing as the revolutionary work of the Heart and Mind, and the love and guidance of my ethereal and human teachers. This unprecedented information has illuminated aspects of myself that I could not see, feel or understand, until I began this work in 2003. I now have a relationship with my real self and my spirit who moves me closer everyday to what is real, bringing comfort, understanding and expansion. My devotion to the pursuit of truth has culminated in a life of love, intimacy, true family, and an experience of self unlike anything before. With gratitude,


Choose The Heart Sebastopol

Words cannot effectively describe the gratitude that I have for the teachings of Gay Kalember. Through her teachings I have literally been able to transform my life. I have always known deep within myself that there was more to life than what I was experiencing. I am happy to say that I am no longer enduring life but am a full participant in its creation. The teachings are simple yet profound at the same time. The greatest gift I ever gave myself was to study with her and Choose The Heart. Through my study and dedication I found something wonderful and exciting…. I found ME.

-CTH Student.

Choose The Heart Sebastopol

Gay is an absolutely wonderful and kind soul who exudes truth and love with a gentle heart. Her wisdom comes openly, honestly, and almost envelopes you in a giant warm hug. She has helped me through some difficult struggles with honest and direct communication: looking at the mind vs. the heart and explaining the concepts clearly. Her guidance and radiant spirit helped me then, and continues to help through reminders to remember the heart. 

-Alicia J.

Choose The Heart Sebastopol

Because of Choose the Heart (the information and teachings from Andua, Gay and Adrianna) and because of my choice to make the information and teachings personal, my life has transformed.  For the first time ever, I am happy, really happy.  I am happy because I have a conscious and loving relationship with myself, with truth, with rightness and with comfort.  And every day, I am fuller in feeling and deeper in love.  And, it just keeps getting better. 

Thank you.  It scares me to wonder where I'd be, without you, without me.


Choose The Heart Sebastopol

Choose the Heart is the gift that just keeps on giving. From the moment I started with them, it has miraculously changed my life in every arena. On a daily basis CTH helps me put all that matters into a very real perspective, which in turn affects everyone I touch. It is through their expert knowledge and patient understanding of love and truth, that they have taught me how to create everything my heart desires. If you give yourself one thing this year, give yourself CTH! 

-Emily L.

Choose The Heart Sebastopol


Hello, this is Gay Kalember. I would like to acknowledge the beings in this world and beyond who have inspired and guided me on my path to peace, freedom, and comfort. These are the brave, profound, evolved, and glorious souls who confirmed my knowing of what was real, and expanded it beyond my wildest dreams. They are forever a part of me, as I am of them. With the deepest gratitude and love I acknowledge:


Baharah: Ascended Master/Primary Ethereal Teacher

Andua:  Ascended Master/Secondary Ethereal Teacher




Silver Birch: Ascended Master

Emmanuel: Ascended Master

Abraham: Ascended Masters

Seth: Ascended Masters

The Guides: Ascended Masters

Ron Scolastico: Spiritual Author and Channel

Hermann Hess: Author of Siddhartha

Ruth Montgomery: Psychic

Edgar Cayce: Psychic

John Sewell: Priest

Richard Bach: Spiritual Novelist

Maya Angelou: Speaker and Poet

Michael Newton:  Spiritual Author: Journey of Souls

Don Miguel Ruiz: Spiritual Teacher of Toltec Wisdom

Oprah Winfrey: Visionary and Influential Icon

Marianne Williamson: Spiritual Teacher for A Course in Miracles

Helen Schucman and William Thetford: A Course in Miracles

Neale Donald Walsch: Conversations with God