Parenting The Spirit Not the Specie

This is a 1-day workshop, taught by Gay Kalember MFT, for those who have been seeking intelligent and successful solutions to parenting where none have previously existed. Parenting the Spirit offers an unprecedented approach to parenting sourced from deep spiritual truths and the concept of sourcing life from the inside out.  It is extremely pragmatic, simple, and yet profound. Its philosophy is based on the understanding that children are spirits who have humans. This perspective creates a new expectation of young beings based on the knowing that their true essence is present, powerful, intelligent, capable, and willing. It proposes that a child’s spirit has the ability to override its innate orientation of dependency on that which is outside of them, which they are born into on a cellular and cultural level. It teaches children to find love, comfort, belonging, and knowledge from within, making their true selves the source of protection, control, fulfillment, and worthiness. The workshop is highly focused on the practical application of tools and interventions that invite the spirit of every child to emerge, participate, create, and expand. If you have any questions or would like to sign up for a workshop, please contact Gay Kalember at  Space is limited.

Gay Kalember is a retired Marriage, Family, Child Therapist, supervisor, lecturer, and former teacher/advisor/supervisor for Sonoma State University’s Masters in Counseling Program. She specialized in childhood disorders and their treatments for over 20 years, and has based her techniques on spiritual understandings and truths about who children and adolescents really are, and what they ultimately need from their parents and community.



"After taking Parenting the Spirit, my relationship with my child has been more rewarding, fun and has deepened. Before the class I sometimes struggled with "attachment" and "positive" parenting styles that didn't quite meet my or my spirited child's needs. Unlike most parenting information out there, Gay offers information and advice that is not situation-specific. Her teaching works in all situations and at all times, whether you're enforcing beautiful behavior or guiding them to their great potential.

I urge parents to take this class as early as possible so that you have a clear approach to a truly positive and loving relationship with your child."

Jennifer Grundstrom, MS

Leap into Light

                                 ...a journey to the soul



Where: Choose the Heart | Sebastopol | CA 

When: On going classes | Every other Saturday | 10:00 - 11:00 am

Cost: $40 per class

Process: Lecture | Participant Interaction | Field Experience



This all day workshop is for advanced students who are currently enrolled in the full Life School curriculum. Includes lecture, exercises, student participation, and videoing.  

Date:  Once a month

Time: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm (1 hour for lunch) 

Cost: One day workshop | $200  

Instructors: Gay Kalember