Gay Kalember continues to write about the information that her ethereal teachers have given to her. Her first book, The Invitation, is a memoir and chronicles the first two years of study with her teachers Ascended Masters Baharah and Andua. This book is available on Kindle. Her second book, Birthright, is an introduction to the Heart and Mind form and the Truths and Laws given to her by Ascended Master Baharah in 2013. It is a practical workbook for learning how to care for the real self. The third book presents a unique approach to parenting, birthed from a discovery Gay made in 2007. This book reflects one of Gay’s primary purposes on Earth, which was to seed information that had the power to affect the multitudes and shift the axis of consciousness.  Below is a synopsis of each book.

The Invitation

In September 2003, an ascended master from the pristine realm of the One came to give Gay Kalember an extraordinary invitation. He came into the Earth realm through the channel Adrianna, Gay’s best friend. He was the teacher that Gay had long sought and he came to guide her for the rest of her life. His purpose was to entrust her with a new form for feeling and understanding truth that would simplify the great complexities and mysteries of Earth and the human experience. He offered navigational tools that create peace, freedom, and healing for the individual and the collective. He knew Gay had both the capacity to embrace this new form and the ability to teach others how to do the same. Her teacher’s name is Baharah and he called the new form “The Heart and the Mind.”

The Invitation chronicles the first two years of Gay’s unusual spiritual expedition. Written as a true-life adventure, it opens with the arrival of her ethereal teacher and then takes the reader through myriad experiences in faraway lands both terrestrial and celestial. The book illustrates how, through the natural unfoldment of her life, Gay came to understand the teachings of The Heart and The Mind, and the truths and laws therein. They were given in accordance with her readiness in moments of worry, confusion, and distress so that she might have greater comfort. Her story demonstrates how throughout her travels and in everyday occurrences, she explored, felt, experienced, integrated, and implemented Baharah’s new form of understanding until it became the very breath of her existence. Through her deep understanding of The Heart and the Mind form, Gay slowly began to leave her adaptive personality and the illusionary realm of non-truth from which it was created. Over time, she entered more fully into the realm of the Heart. In this chosen reality, she regained full remembrance of her divine self within the human experience, and came into the fulfillment of her life’s purpose. Her transformation took her from all that was not real, into all that was real, allowing her to become a limitless expression of love on Earth.

In its simplicity, The Invitation is a personal story about a quest for truth. Like all thrilling adventures, it includes the war between good and evil, journeys to faraway lands, and mysteries revealed. And in the end, the heroine emerges triumphant, not by sacrificing her life for others, but by saving her own, and in so doing, changing the course of the world.

In 2013, Gay published her memoir, The Invitation, on Amazon Kindle.


Gay has two books in progress at this time.


The story of your human evolution should read like a good piece of literature, that which has a cohesive beginning, middle, and end, and it does, you just can’t remember it. The moment you were born, you awakened in the mid section of your evolutionary unfoldment, with your spiritual origins and human purpose encased in a blanket of amnesia. It is as if you opened a novel and only read the middle of it. If you did this, would you understand what you were reading? How accurate would your interpretation of the story and its characters be, as well as the meaning you placed upon it them? Seeking the truth would be challenging, inspiring subjective perception, conjecture, fabrication, and a large margin of error. Welcome to life on Earth.

This is why, for the most part, humans struggle. They struggle to take care of themselves, to know what is right or wrong, to love themselves and others, and to be in comfort. They struggle because they do not understand how they got to Earth, what is real about it, where they originated from, and why they ever left there. They do not remember who they really are. They do not know that the return to their source is unconditionally insured. Without a true understanding of their beginning and end, they struggle to find meaning for their ‘middle’, better known as their human existence. 

 If the root of your true identity and life’s purpose is a mystery to you, how can you find deep and sustained comfort in either one of them? You cannot, and so the meaning of your life is based on shallow understandings and false definitions. This becomes the foundation upon which your human reality is constructed, rendering it unstable, unpredictable, inaccurate, and dangerous. It doesn’t have to be this way. There is another way.

What if how, what, where, and why were answered? You would have a solid, congruent knowledge base upon which to reference questions regarding life on Earth. Imagine how you would feel if you had a deeper understanding of what was real about yourself and others, and thus a deeper loving connection to both? Imagine how you would feel if you were given concrete tools based on truth that allowed you to navigate your way through Earth’s complexities with greater simplicity, effortlessness, and fulfillment? You would feel like you had been given a miracle, but really, you would have been given your birthright. Therefore, the information I offer already belongs to you. Its intention is to illuminate your true identity, demystify life through understanding its meaning and purpose, and to present practical tools for living life in greater comfort. It is my hope that through the remembrance of what is real, along with a greater ability to take care of yourself, you will create a life filled with greater ease, wonder, imagination, limitlessness, love, and freedom.

Born With It

Born With It presents an unprecedented approach to parenting sourced from deep spiritual truths and the concept of sourcing life from the inside out. It is extremely pragmatic, simple, and yet profound. Its philosophy is based on the understanding that children are spirits who have humans, not humans who have spirits. This perspective creates a new expectation of young beings based on the knowing that their true essence is present, powerful, intelligent, capable, and willing. It proposes that a child’s spirit has the ability to override its innate orientation of dependency on that which is outside of them, which they are 'born with' on a cellular and cultural level (I call this the Human Stain). It teaches children to find love, comfort, belonging, and knowledge from within, making their true selves the source of protection, control, fulfillment, and worthiness. The book is highly focused on the practical application of tools and interventions that invite the spirit of every child to emerge, participate, create, and expand.

Gay anticipates publishing both books on Kindle in 2018, and will seek a traditional publisher for Born With It as well.