We are proud to present a few Sonoma County businesses whose foundations are built upon the Heart and Mind teachings and truths. 

Kalember's Equine

Melissa Kalember has been an equestrian for 24 years, and a horse trainer for 13 years. She obtained her B.S. from Davis in Animal Science in 2007, specializing in equine science. She is a USEF R Judge, SAHJA Judge, certified equine masseuse, an equine clinician, and an animal communicator. Melissa furthers her education attending clinics and judging shows.

For Melissa, winning in the show arena or successful training during an everyday hack at home is defined as an experience in which there is a joyful and equal exchange between two friends, wherein learning occurs in comfort and ease, taking both horse and rider into a deep connection. She understands that only through this connection does anything of value occur. Melissa works with horse and rider through feeling. Her training program is a combination of technical and intuitive knowledge. She sees the innate greatness that lies within her students and their horses and holds the space for that expression to emerge and co-create.




KK’S Critter Sitter Services

Kimberly Kalember sees animals as valuable, unlimited, powerful beings of love with the ability to positively influence life. She understands the authority they yield to rehabilitate and heal humans, therefore defining them as sacred and a privilege to care for. She knows the comfort animal owners have knowing their pets are deeply tended to while they are away. Kimberly honors the role animals play in our lives and consequently knows what they deserve. She respects them as independent beings that have come as messengers of love and light in a dense reality. Kimberly’s gift of caring for animals at the highest level is her way of giving back to them all they have given to her.



Sunrise Solar

Steve Eyles created Sunrise Solar with his partner in order to help others realize their dream of alternative power. Having worked for years with a large solar company, Steve was excited to offer the public a more personal experience of solar. He approaches each potential job from the standpoint of how he can help the client manifest their goals. Because he understands that rightness begets rightness, he focuses on what is best for his client knowing this will in turn create rightness for his business. 

Steve approaches potential clients with love, respect, patience, and kindness. He does not work from his own agenda, but rather from the perspective of assisting others in making the right solar decision based on their financial readiness to move forward. In short, Steve cares more about living in rightness than making a profit.